During a single long exposure, we create our artworks with a wide variety of light sources and precisely planned, reproducible movements beforehand. ‣

In combination with the targeted illumination of the surroundings, a scene becomes visible that was previously only present in the imagination of the light artists. In contrast to classical photography, our possibilities are almost infinite. Our pictures are not computer montages. We consistently refrain from any subsequent processing of our images that goes beyond sharpening, denoising and editing.. 

Like a painter blindfolded, we paint our light paintings into nothingness. The effort for our light art pictures is usually quite large. Starting with the development of the image idea, the construction of suitable tools and the selection of suitable lamps, the search for a suitable location and several test shots, sometimes days or weeks pass until the final result. Our greatest motivation is fun. Often the special experience during the creation of a light painting is much more important to us than the perfect result.

We hope that our passion for this kind of photographic art becomes visible in our Light Art and Light Painting pictures.

Lightpainting Paradise Ambassador