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Lightpainting: MASS, Diliz, Stabeu, Tom Hill

 Sven Gerard Light Painting Portrait



Born 1969 in Berlin.
I have been a passionate photographer since my earliest youth. Until now, I have not wanted or been able to commit to a specific genre. Since 2012, I have been working mainly in the field of light painting and light art photography.
My second great photographic passion is exploring abandoned places. On many trips I was able to visit some of the most exciting lost places.
Contact: sven@lichtkunstfoto

Marla Singer Lichtkunstfoto Light Painting



I am from Berlin and have been artistically interested and creative since childhood. Besides visual arts and design, I have always been interested in photography. Unfortunately, I had to take a step back artistically in the last few years for family reasons. Then Sven told me about light art photography and light painting and I was all ears. Artists were painting with light in photos. It was exciting. I had to see that. Some photos appealed to me, others were technically interesting. After Sven had acquired his skills, he showed me his works of art. I actually had respect and wanted to take photos like that too. Now, finally, since 2016, I have been working with Sven artistically and we complement each other in brainstorming, designing and creating our light painting images.