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Erik had the idea a long time ago to do a light painting project as part of the project week at his school. Cool idea, I thought too. We are already very experienced in preparing and running our workshops, but working with children and young people was new to us. I had no idea what to expect.

We started planning and preparing almost a year ago. A few days before the project week, the pupils could sign up for the project. We were afraid that we would not get the agreed places full. Erik advertised our project at the school. Completely unnecessary, as it then turned out. The list was completely filled within a very short time. Unfortunately, many interested people will have to wait until the next school year.

After all the formalities had been taken care of and a more or less suitable classroom had been found, we finally started on 27 June.

We loaded a large part of our equipment into the car and drove to the school. All project participants immediately helped willingly to unload and carry up the equipment. With over 40 m² of molleton, we darkened the room together and built a black wall as a background. After a short introduction to the basics of long exposure and a short presentation of some lamps and tools, the students immediately started painting their first own light painting artworks with full zeal.

When the first picture of the project was on the sensor, the young ladies and gentlemen could hardly be stopped. They were all immediately fascinated by working with light. What impressed me most was the very low number of failed attempts. Among other things, they used EL-Wire, a UV torch, a lightsaber, several light blades, a stick with many individual LEDs, black glass fibres and various torches.

As they progressed, the participants set about trying out camera rotation photography and working with multiple layers of light. It was unbelievable how quickly everyone understood and implemented working with light.

All pictures © the students of the Hans und Hilde Coppi Gymnasium Berlin: Mara Scherer, Mathilda, Hanna Schmeling, Lena, Constantin, Max, Kamilla, Emma Feustel, Hannah and Topmodel Briksen 😉

I had a lot of fun. Thank you all for the very good, creative cooperation and I am already looking forward to the next light painting project at your school. But for now, I wish you a wonderful holiday! … and next time I’ll bring more gummy bears.

I wish you good light all the time


Sven Gerard

Sven Gerard, Jahrgang 1969, geboren und aufgewachsen in Berlin. Er fotografiert seit frühester Jugend mit großer Leidenschaft. Neben dem fotografischen Erkunden zahlreicher beeindruckender verlassener Orte, widmet er sich seit mittlerweile 10 Jahren intensiv dem Lightpainting. Sein umfangreiches Wissen teilt er auf seinem Blog „“, weiteren Publikationen und in seinen Workshops. Darüber hinaus organisiert er Veranstaltungen zum Thema Lightpainting, wie „Light Up Berlin“. Gerard lebt gemeinsam mit seiner Lebensgefährtin in Berlin und hat einen erwachsenen Sohn. Sven Gerard was born in 1969 and grew up in Berlin. He has been a passionate photographer since his early youth. In addition to photographically exploring numerous impressive abandoned places, he has been intensively involved in light painting for 10 years now. He shares his extensive knowledge on his blog ‘’, other publications and in his workshops. He also organises events on the subject of light painting, such as ‘Light Up Berlin’. Gerard lives in Berlin with his partner and has a grown-up son.

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