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Lightpainting with Black Optic Fibre Brush


light painting portrait black fibre optic bruash
Ttwoface portrait with structure. Models: Erik/ Nils

Why optic fibre brushes?

I like to use these wonderful and universally applicable brushes for different techniques in light painting. Mainly for portraits. Depending on whether you work close to or far away from the subject you get different results, from soft lighting to stripes or dots. I also like to use the brushes to achieve an effect like in paintings. Like an artist, who had painted the picture (photo) with a brush. The contours then blur a little. The optic fibre brushes can also be used to reproduce certain structures.

light painting portrait glasfaser
Pottrait with smooth light Model: Erik


What kind of optic fibre brushes?

We have experimented with different companies and also made some optic fibre brushes ourselves. Personally, I am most satisfied with the optic fibre brushes from Lightpainting Paradise.

How to use them?

In addition to the brushes, you need an adapter and a torch to be able to paint with light in the dark. If you don’t have an adapter, you can also use the usual gaffer tape, which should be available in every lightpainter’s bag. The brush should be held towards the subject for portraits and for “painting”, but for structures you can also use it towards the camera. To have more than just white torch light, you can either use small prefabricated colour filters or make your own from spotlight foil. There are no limits to your creativity.

glasfaser tool light painting black fibre optic bruash


glasfaser tool light painting black fibre optic bruash
Like a painting Model: Marlene

I hope I have cought your attention for this technique of light painting. Try it yourself and you are also welcome to report on your successes.



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