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Lightpainting with 1000 Mirrors


Some years ago I had glued small mirrors (5 x 5 mm) into a Pringles roll. Unfortunately, this light painting tool was not very durable. More and more mirrors came off the roll. I made the second version of the Light Painting Tool on the 3 D printer, a stable tube with a bar to fix the tool. After some time, more and more of the small mirrors came loose from the new tool. These then stuck to the camera and lenses in the photo backpack, but better to them than to the Light Painting Tool.

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I was a bit annoyed and put the thing in the cellar. After a few months I wanted to give the mirror tool a second chance and replaced the missing mirrors. Because I still had a lot of these small mirrors, I printed more tools on the 3 D printer, an octagonal and a nine-cornered tube. So far all the mirrors are holding, but I no longer carry the tools permanently in my backpack. I only take the mirror tools with me when I actually want to use them.lightpainting, light painting, light art photography, Spiegel, mirror This is what it looks like when it is attached in front of the lens. The exact alignment is sometimes a bit fiddly. Depending on the focal length used, different effects result. I usually use the Laowa 12/2.8 lens with these light painting tools. Illuminating the tools from the outside creates additional special effects.

In combination with the lighting of the scene, light figures or other light painting techniques, numerous new possibilities arise.

Finally, the link to the 5 x 5 mm mirrors I used.

Allways good light


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