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Trip to an abandoned paper mill


Always on the lookout for new places to photograph, we discovered an old paper factory a few years ago. Even the paper was still on the reels and the factory was quite well preserved. The whole fabric is run by an association that is mainly dedicated to art. It was good for us, because the people in charge understood our request to take photos of the factory at night. There are already three light painters in our family, so we always have to make sure that everyone gets a chance to work on their own ideas.

The first picture was taken in the lower part of the factory. There was a huge paper machine that I wanted to illuminate and show a worker operating the machine. It was difficult to find the right position for the camera because there wasn’t much space. I illuminated the monstermachine with spotlights an the adjacent room too. The worker was scanned by our ownbrand scanner and the rest of the room was indirectly lit.

Lightpainting Papierfabrik

The second picture was taken one floor up in the Dutch room. These are the large tubs in the picture. I wanted to show how the soaking of the rags that were needed for paper production took place.
I illuminated the hall with coloured spotlights, lit the Dutchmen with RGB torches and scanned my model four times into the picture. I displayed the rags with the scanner.

Erik was the model in both pictures

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